Biometric Time attendance solutions
Biometric Time Attendance Solutions in Dubai
Al Asma provides wide range of Biometric Time attendance solutions in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. . Biometric Time Attendance systems helps companies, shops, corporates, hospitals, hotels, SME and Individuals to manage their workforce professionally with accurate data’s and reports. We Al Asma technology has more than five years of solid experience in providing biometric time attendance solutions for clients in around Dubai city. We offer various types of time attendance systems like biometric finger print device, pin, swipe card biometric device, face, proximity and hand punch time attendance device under one single roof.

An automated Time attendance systems is a boon to the employers, you can monitor your work force better and reports shows that it reduces time theft and buddy punching during the working hours. If implemented wisely there is no doubt that it increases the productivity and professionalism in your work environment.
What is Time Attendance?
Time attendance is a system to track and record the employees working time and their attendance.
Why Time Attendance?
Biometric Time Attendance helps you to save time and increases proficiency of your employees. Every company or business, big or small needs a time attendance system to accurately monitor your employees professionally.
Some of the Advantages of having Biometric Time Attendance systems
  • Biometric Time Attendance saves time and improves efficiency and growth for a organization
  • Helps to monitor and analyse your employee working schedules better
  • Eliminates human error and helps employers professionally manage their work force
  • Various reports on employees working habits can be generated
  • Can be integrated to various payroll systems
  • Biometric Time attendance systems help you control your employee movement to highly secured area.
  • Increase productivity because the process is seamless and customised
  • It reduces the over payment
  • Overtime can be authorized so it reduces your employee unscheduled overtime costs
  • Increases Security
  • Time attendance guarantees accurate recordings which keeps the employers and employees happy
  • Saves time and helps to reduce your labor costs
  • Biometric Time attendance is easy to access anywhere, anytime which gives your store in charge, supervisors or manager to monitor them from any where any time.
  • Manually calculating, processing and managing the data for payroll takes time and effort. Implementing time attendances in your company saves money, error free and increases the productivity of your employees.
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