Vehicle tracking System in Dubai
GPRS Solutions in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Al-Asma provides you world class GPRS tracking solutions to company’s world wide. We are one of the leading GPRS solutions providers in Dubai. We have more than 100 satisfied clients all over the Dubai, U.A.E. Our unique Vehicle tracking systems helps companies to manage their vehicles professionally. Our vehicle tracking system helps you to manage your commercial vehicles like Cars, Vans busses and trucks. Our solutions helps companies to manage any vehicles and track them from anywhere in the world through Internet, Web based vehicle tracking systems.

Using our web application interface, you can secure, monitor and visualize the exact location of your vehicle on our high quality maps. The status table shows operational status of all your vehicles together with speed, location and distance traveled. You can use reporting functionality to generate asset usage, speed, moving, idling, parking and distance reports. You can also check your vehicle location and status by SMS or by making a miss call. Immobilization is also possible.
We install tracking device securely hidden under your vehicle’s dashboard, powering it from the car battery. The device has a GPS module and uses a GPRS enabled SIM card to transfer the data to a predefined server. We recommend using Etisalat SIM card with a pre-defined data package of 10MB for 1 minute polling intervel.

The tracking device, upon activation, obtains vehicle’s GPS position from the GPS satellites and other pre-set events from the vehicle such as engine status, date, time, speed etc and sends it to our communication server using GPRS data transfer method. The polling interval is normally set to 1 minute when engine is ON and 30 minutes when engine is OFF. This means that the device is programmed to send location and vehicle data TURNED on and every 30 minutes when engine is OFF i,e. When vehicle remains parked.
Benefits of GPRS Vehicle Tracking System:

  • Increase the security of vehicle
  • Vehicles are monitored through automated system
  • GPRS vehicle tracking systems helps you to track the vehicle easily when it is stolen
  • Substantial savings on telephone bills as you do not have to call your drivers or sales persons to know where they are. Their live positions and direction of travel can be seen on the map, refreshed every single minute!
  • Lower gasoline usage by identifying excess idling time during loading/unloading and deploying vehicle closer to customer location for pick-up and delivery.
  • Guaranteed reduction in operational costs and bad/unsafe driving.
  • Reduction in wage and overtime claims: You can obtain accurate vehicle activity reports and timesheets to help win over fraudulent claims.
  • Comprehensive reporting on vehicle usage including travel distance, duration of idling and parking, speed (maximum, minimum, average and live speed), violations etc with detailed location information.
  • Reduce company vehicle abuse! Company vehicles will now be used solely for business purposes. By generating out-of-office vehicle usage reports, vehicle activities can be monitored after office hours and during holidays.
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance costs by monitoring vehicle usage, wear and tear of components due to bad and rash driving.