RFID Card Solution providers in Dubai

Smart card & RFID Card Solution

Al Asma is one of the leading Distributors and Dealers in Smart Card and RFID card solution providers in Dubai. We supply PVC, Proximity, Smart Cards, Magnetic Strips, and Identification cards for Social clubs, Candidate Cards and Party Identification cards. We offer options to add many holographic, anti counterfeit seals and marks to protect and secure your ID cards. It helps you to protect your ID cards from counterfeiting and assembling identical or illegal identity cards. We offer plastic identity cards to be used in different applications like Photo ID cards, Driver licenses, gift cards and membership cards. These cards are easy to use, portable, secured and long lasting so that it is widely accepted by wide range of people world wide. Al Asma provides wide range of smart card and RFID card solutions at an affordable cost with 100 percent customised to our clients requirements.

Proximity Cards

We offer robust and secured proximity card solutions in Dubai. Proximity cards which contains candidate information’s which can be read and detected by the proximity readers.

Embedded in each proximity card is an antenna which transmits information encoded as a radio signal. A proximity card reader positioned between 2.5 and 20 inches (depending on the model chosen) receives this signal and grants or denies access accordingly to the persons who are accessing the network. Unlike contact less smart cards, proximity cards do not have the ability to have new information written onto them.

For your RFID and Proximity Card solution needs in Dubai or any where in UAE do contact us at 055 9900930 or email us at info@al-asma.com