Panasonic KX-TE824


PANASONIC - Panasonic KX-TE824 Hybrid Telephone System CCU - White rong
Panasonic KX-TE824
The Panasonic KX-TE824 is an advanced and improved hybrid telephone system with a feature rich specification including a USB port Extension caller ID DISA with Out Going Message and a remote modem. It is a platform that is easy to install use and maintain using the effective PC programming tool and is available with additional cards providing feature rich options
Capacity - 3 Lines and 8 Extension (upgradable upto 16 lines 64 extension)
  • Caller ID (optional device)
  • Hybrid System ( compactable with analog telephone)
  • Optional auto attending card
  • Optional Voice Mail Box
  • Door Phones, Door Openers
  • SMDR Integrator for door bells
  • Call Monitoring